The PSHP partnership has had a dramatic impact. PSHP data has been used to leverage funding and support for organizations and partnerships locally, nationally, and abroad. There has been policy change: people with HIV and substance users now eligible for new supportive housing in Ontario. PSHP partners are actively working with Local Health Integration Networks in Ontario to share research and best practices, and to advocate for more investment in supportive housing for people with HIV. As a result, more funding is available for HIV-specific housing and for research on HIV and housing across Canada.

The community-academic-policy and peer researcher models are being replicated across the country in numerous studies. There are more collaborations, including the National Housing Coalition in Canada, who are advocating for a national housing policy and stronger supports. Study partners also engaged more than 150 housing-sector delegates to endorse an international declaration asking policy makers to “recognize housing as a human right and address the lack of adequate housing as a barrier to effective HIV prevention, treatment, and care.”